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Visitors can see examples of local history drawn from the soil beneath our feet by archaeologists over many years.
The Easter School Holidays are almost upon us, parents and carers will be searching for things to do with the children, we have one outstanding opportunity for good clean entertainment in the fresh air right in our midst.
Hampshire has a long and fascinating history dating back long before the Romans came to Britain. On our doorstep, there is a particular gem of local history in Basing House Ruins, set in the picturesque village of Old Basing. Basing House was a major Tudor Palace and Castle that once rivalled Hampton Court Palace in size and opulence.
Easter is only days away, time to stock up on Easter Eggs and plan some fun activities for the School Holidays.
Easter 2017
Easter 2017
For some people, Easter is a day in which you visit church. For others, it is a day where you will be able to sink your teeth into some delicious chocolate eggs.
All About Shrove Tuesday
All About Shrove Tuesday
For many people, this day is just about eating pancakes. That is fine. Pancakes are delicious. However, it is worth noting that there is a much deeper meaning to pancake day, and a lot of that is rooted in the history of the British Isles.
Half way through the Easter holidays and about to go into the long Easter weekend still hopeful that the weather will improve!
You might think that the Easter Bunny is a relatively recent invention, given that Easter has switched to more of a commercial holiday in recent decades. However, the Easter Bunny in fact has a rich, long history in European folklore, and ties in with why we have Easter eggs, too. You might be surprised that people have been celebrating Easter in a similar way to how we do today as far back as medieval times!
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