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If you are cursed by Cold Callers, why not follow these tips ....
It has been announced today (13th Nov) that the Evesham Abbey Bridge rebuild project has suffered a delay and will be at leat 3 weeks late. Full details attached.
I don't know if it's just me but our roads seem to be getting worse with potholes and patch ups . . .
Massive crane to be used to place 30tonne Bridge over river Avon at Evesham this weekend.Get the cameras out .
Latest Scam Warnings
Latest Scam Warnings
Latest scam warnings A spate of recent reports of scams and attempted deception in Worcestershire has led consumer protection officials to warn residents to be wary.
Isn't it great to get GOOD news and compliments :-) Love is not just for Valentine's Day and not just for those in love . . . find out how we shared the love in Worcester - and how YOU can join in!
Are manners important to you when you are out and about in Worcester? Do you care about politeness? Are you polite to others and what does it mean to you if they are polite to you (and what if people are NOT polite)?
Do you think before you speak, email /text/ post messages on social media? How important is thinking of the impact of our communications on others?
Christmas In Malvern
Christmas In Malvern
Here's a list of things to do for friends family and all in Malvern this Christmas 2011!
Share your stories of bad customer service - what really gets your goat? What frustrates you? And - we want to hear where you've been 'wowed' too! See what we think and share your experiences. We want to hear from you . . .
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