Are our roads getting worse?
2nd May 2013
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I read an article in the Worcester News today and thought it was interesting read:

Over 100 miles of roads in the Worcester area will be getting a £3million makeover as the local Council works on repairing the damage done by the winter weather. I undeerstand that the harsh weather - floods and freezes that we're well used to now in Worcester and Droitwich (and throughout the Worcestershire area) - has a massive impact. But . .. I'm tired of seeing patched up roads that look like they've had a Brazilian!) and wondered if I was on my own here or whether it's a frustration to others?

Is it a false economy to try and patch up roads - especially when I see SO MANY patches on a small stretch of road. Isn't that another repair job waiting to happen.

Don't get me wrong, I'm NOT having a go at anyone here, just questioning the repair v replace thinking.  

I think we have a great council and I loved the Highways song I shared on social media recently. And it seems to me to be a national problem as I've observed this in many places on my travels around the country.

What do you think?

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