Hamish McHamish- St Andrews' Cat
22nd March 2013
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My daughter recently came home with a reading book about Greyfriar's Bobby. I did the dutiful thing; read the book with her and took her to see the statue in Edinburgh. We have also recently read 'The Tobermory Cat', and the whole concept of such famous four legged friends delighted my 8 year old...... So you can imagine how very excited she was to hear about Fife's very own famous feline!!! I am talking, of course, about Hamish McHamish St. Andrews' best known, and most loved, resident. The shaggy ginger puss has roamed the streets of St Andrews for 13 years and is guaranteed a warm welcome, and free meal, at any home or business in his town. And it IS his town! Hamish has become so popular and famous that he is another of the tourist attractions that this sea-side town has to offer, and not only has a book in his honour 'Hamish McHamish, Cool Cat About Town', written by Susan McMullan, but has nearly 3000 friends on Facebook!! Therefore it is little wonder that the residents would like to help him rise to further fame with a distinguished bronze statue. To find out more about Hamish, just Google him! There is more than enough to satisfy your curiosity. And if you wish to donate towards the statue Google 'Bloomvc' and scroll to the 'Hamish McHamish of St Andrews' project. But hurry.... The project closes on 30th March 2013.

If deadlines aren't for you and you still wish to make a donation towards the statue contact Flora Selwyn at St Andrews in Focus; flora.selwyn@gmail.com

Or pay direct into the account:

sort code: 09-01-28

                         A/C no:36141998

                          name: Flora Selwyn (Hamish) 

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