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Now the early dark night are on us, there is bound to be an increase in the fear and anxiety, by most of our elderly and infirmed - unwanted approaches not only "OUT IN PUBLIC," but also and possibly even more so "IN THE HOME AND ON THE DOORSTEP".
Next time you are out and about in Nottingham and you want to find a trusted business that will leave you with a smile, keep your eyes peeled for thebestof Nottingham business plaques, window stickers and signs.
Nottingham's already thriving culture and music scene has just got better with 18 year old local Clifton lad - Jake Bugg - making No 1 with his debut album "Jake Bugg".
Check out the best bonfire night fireworks displays in and around Nottingham.
Here is our second photograph from Ian of a room recently transformed
Kitchen Garden A La Carte Menu prepared for the Christmas Festive Season
The Lincoln College Group, incorporating Newark College, is currently looking for members of the community to serve on the Board.
Twitter & Community Engagement
Twitter & Community Engagement
"TWITTER" and the social media can be used more widespread as an effective COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT tool
Digital Vertical Engagement WHY IS IT we fail to recognise the importance of digital ENGAGEMENT within our communities for today's age and environment?.
Despite what some may call a tad too early, many Christmas shoppers like to get their presents sorted nice and out the way ASAP.
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