Reassurance/Personal security for our Elderly/Infirmed
3rd November 2012
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Personal Security ( especially our  Elderly/Infirmed )
Now the early dark night are on us, there is bound to be an increase in the fear and anxiety, by most of us, of unwanted approaches not only "OUT IN PUBLIC," but even more so "IN THE HOME AND ON THE DOORSTEP".
In todays economic climate many will be of the opinion that they cannot afford to have security Alarms fitted to our premises.
However there are several and quite affordable alternatives available.
Alternatives in the form of simple, yet effective Personal Security Attack Alarms. - many retailing at less that £5.00p
These type of "Personal Security Attack" Alarms can help in re-assuring most everyone that there is an alternative to "living in total fear"
THEY WILL MAKE A SPLENDID AND THOUGHTFUL GIFT  (inexpensive) for the your elderly relatives
These personal security/attack alarms can take the form of a - 
Wrist  Alarms - with Key Ring , High pitched Siren alarm & small torch -   
Key Rings - with High pitched Siren alarm & small torch
Personal Alarm - with high intensity flashing strobe light, and siren alarm
Elite Cordless Alarms which are worn as a brooch and are squeeze actuated
Wrist Watch style Alarms with built in torch and loud audible siren - ideal for children going to and from school
Home or Travel Alarms with inbuilt PIR (activated by motion up to 3M away) has inbuilt torch - just the thing for scaring a possible intruder at the door
Purse Alarms with high pitched siren 
Your local NHW Co-ordinator should be able to advise you not contact Nottswatch direct
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