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24th October 2012
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Earlier this year I began contributing to 'Twitter' with spasmodic postings. Since then I have gradually become further embraced with this particular channel of social media and now look forward to my daily 'fix' of following and adding my own "tweets".

To date I have contributed  approx 3000 postings and continually make regular changes - deletions & additions to my "following" list. I have determined that the QUALITY of my lists is much more important than the SIZE/ QUANTITY

I am not surprised at the increasing numbers of Onliners who are now becoming regular users (it is suggested that Twitter is beginning to even overtake Facebook in popularity). In just a short time over 10 BILLION tweets have been posted.  However, I am dismayed at the ever increasing number of commercial postings which are now becoming routine.

The change is so obvious that the weekends are quickly becoming recognised as the twitter  "commercial break" by the genuine social tweeters. However there are also marked and positive changes in the numbers, variety and quality of Tweets and Twitterers

The positive changes clearly illustrate the move towards genuine COMMUNITY ENGAGEMENT by many administrations, particularly those responsible for local services- ie Police etc. Although the transition to the improved community engagement via the individual Police Neighbourhood Beat Teams thro-out the UK varies enormously

Take Nottinghamshire for example , presently there are approx 350 Beat Officers thro-out our county , yet there is only ONE "Tweeter" example  - a PCSO who actually and regularly "tweets" whilst on duty thus actually using the social media channel to engaging with HIS community 

I do understand that the issue of Notts Police Officers being allowed to engage in "tweeting" (community engagement) whilst on duty, is currently under discussion with a decision expected by the end of this month - heres hoping it is POSITIVE

 Uum!  Is it that some folk in official local establishments are always ' behind the curve' ?


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