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A FIVE star lifestyle in hotel-style surroundings in Worcester could be easier to afford in retirement. View post
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One of my client's, Andy Loos, based in Hartlebury, were chosen to supply the facilities for the aftershow party in London, to launch Quantum of Solace, the new Bond film! They offer portable toilets and other on-location facilities of the highest st
Countdown to All Hallow's Eve
Countdown to All Hallow's Eve
Halloween is nearly upon us. I've been watching Most Haunted Live every night religiously since the weekend, as I do every year about this time. I'd love to believe in all these ghosts and things that go bump in the night, but sadly, I'm always left fee
Shrewsbury loves James Bond. Oh, OK, everyone loves James Bond. Gone are the invisible cars and Roger Moore's eyebrow raise. They've made way for a grittier, more serious Bond. No doubt Jason Bourne had something to do with it but that's a good thing, as m
Once again the Hinckley Marina Brewers Fayre is hosting a FREE Bonfire Night fireworks spectacular on the 5th November at 8.00pm. Everyone is invited, whether you are dining there or not but of course you would be made most welcome in their restaurant o
Here's an easy one : The Bottle and Cork problem: A bottle together with its cork costs just 42p. The Bottle costs 40p more than the cork, so how much does the cork cost? and here's another: Mike's breakfast: Mike O'Malley likes to have an egg
BOTOX - for your feet!!
BOTOX - for your feet!!
BOTOX is now being used to ease the pain of long term high heel wearing. The condition - dubbed "stilettotarsal" - causes pain in the metatarsal area - the soft tissue on the ball of the foot. Some women suffer so much pain, that they are forced to gi
Coventry Musical Theatre Society bringing early Christmas fun to Coventry! NODA award winning Coventry Musical Theatre Society presents their latest theatre production in Coventry "Step into Christmas" The almost Christmas show! Coventry Musical Theatre
52 cows killed with a single lightning bolt in Uruguay - freak accident at ranch. The El Pais newspaper reported that the 52 cows had pressed themselves against a metal wire fence during a thunderstorm - unfortunately the fence scored a direct hit from the
Voice Coaching workshop in Coventry - When speaking a whopping 38% of the impact you make depends on your voice and words are only 7% of the message!! A leading Coventry voice coach is holding voice coaching workshops in Coventry that are designed
thebestof warwick are pleased to be working with Corio Signs & Printing, of Heathcote Industrial Estate, Warwick. Corio Signs & Printing have been recommended by many Warwick businesses for providing excellent printing and sign making services at very r
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