Hair Removal Electrolysis in Walsall
30th September 2011
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Author: Chatabox Hair and Beauty

Electrolysis (‘No needles’ Method)

Looking for an easy solution to hair removal? Chatabox Hair and Beauty in Bloxwich is now offering ‘needle free’ Electrolysis treatments, suitable for:

• Facial Hair
• Underarm
• Bikini
• Arms/Legs

 Electrolysis causes a chemical reaction to occur inside the hair shaft that permanently destroys the hair follicle and shaft.

When current flows down the hair shaft it causes a reaction between water and salt which form sodium hydroxide (an extremely corrosive alkaline). The sodium hydroxide dissolves the hair follicle causing a complete destruction of the hair growth.

A hair cycle takes 90 days to go its course and each hair will need treatment to be completed destroyed.



15 minutes - £8.00
30 Minutes - £15.00
2 Hour Course - £55.00 (each session will be deducted from your course time)


For a free consultation at Chatabox Hair and Beauty, call 01922 430932.

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