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The Micro Market is arguably one of the most hygienic workplace refreshment solutions around. Here Coinadrink details how it's ready for a post-COVID world right now.
Help To Make Tummies Full are a non-profit charity organisation who have raised a huge amount of money!
Coinadrink' range of vending furniture turns your vending equipment into a stylish focal point.
Coinadrink's Cafe Casa introduces its newly sourced coffee beans that are perfect for any coffee lover.
Help Darlaston All Active to support the local community provide food parcels to those who need it this winter.
Check out some of the tastiest festive food from our local, Walsall businesses!
Vending has progressed a lot over the years and already looks set to become a fantastic solution in a post-COVID world. Here is why.
Deli Bloc and Kafe Bloc are open for you. The deli will be open as usual for groceries and other Deli items.
Walsall based vending company Coinadrink Limited supplies FRIIA water tap systems. Hot, cold and sparkling water on demand.
Your workforce want higher quality hot drinks on site, so take advantage of Coinadrink's special offer...
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