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Most parents want their children to well in school, to absorb information that will feed their imagination and encourage ambition for their futures. The question is how to go about it?
The Big Bolton Panto starts on 4th December2016
What is OFSTED?
What is OFSTED?
OFSTED is the The Office for Standards in Education, Children's Services and Skills. It is a non-ministerial department of the HM Government, reporting to Parliament via the Department for Education.
Winter months may see the sun disappear and frost come out, but winter is made 10x more fun in Bolton!
Bolton Lads and Girls Club are running their fabulous holiday club this October, with delicious food on the menu and action packed activities planned.
School Shuttle have a fantastic week planned for October Half Term, if you're looking for childcare, this may be perfect for you
Exciting News! Fidgets Soft Play Centre are holding TWO Christmas Parties this year, read on for more information.
Children love to learn. From the moment they can crawl they are able to play and then the fun starts. Children learn through play, conversely the child that does not play will struggle to learn.
Really exciting news for Fidgets Soft Play Centre, they have just had a whole new website built!
During the October half term, Fidgets have so much happening for your children, read on for full details of all their activities.
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