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TWM Solicitors discuss the findings of a new report claiming that new mothers are facing an increase in workplace discrimination following maternity leave.
Whether you've run out of time to find a costume or can't sew for the life of you, these quick and easy Halloween costumes can be made by anyone.
Stem4 is a charity aimed at improving the early identification of commonly occurring mental health issues in teenagers, covering eating disorders, depression and anxiety, self-harm and addiction.
Bobbin is a new puppet show at the New Wimbledon Theatre Studio. Aimed at under 6's, the 45-minute show takes place on 14th & 21st May at 11.30am.
STEM4 founder and CEO Dr Nihara Krause was presented with a cheque for £15,250.00 by the staff at Schmidt Kitchens Wimbledon. The money was raised at the 2015 Schmidt Wimbledon Charity Ball.
The realisation of divorce or separation can be intimidating. When a relationship breaks down there are so many different things to consider, it is hard to know the best place to start.
The recent Supreme Court judgments in the cases of Gohil and Sharland made it clear that courts will not tolerate people lying about their financial position when dealing with finances related to their divorce.
Listen, we love fireworks and bonfires. They really are spectacular and the memories will live on forever, but it's a serious event and people (and houses) can get seriously hurt and damaged. We've whittled down the most important and helpful information you need to know before you hold your own display.
Daughter wins a £164,000 pay-out from her mother's estate despite her mother deliberately excluding her from her will and instead wishing to donate her money to a number of animal charities.
There's no denying that the kitchen is the heart of the modern home. Many homeowners are finding that knocknig down walls between kitchens and reception rooms creates a fluid, open-plan living space. The kitchen is no longer just the kitchen - it turns into a living room to watch television, a play room for children, a utility room, a pantry and even a conservatory. This multi-functional room needs serious planning to make sure you get it *just* right. Step in an architect.
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