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Two of London's most popular fireworks displays are taking place in Wimbledon Park and Morden Park in November 2016.
We were invited to Holiday Inn Kingston South to sample their menu at Jack's Kitchen and it was INCREDIBLE.
Whilst we may be a little less enthusiastic about letting children wander the streets asking strangers for sweets, there's no excuse for NOT hosting the spookiest Halloween party of them all. In fact, us Brits are pretty good at throwing parties, aren't we?
Listen, we love fireworks and bonfires. They really are spectacular and the memories will live on forever, but it's a serious event and people (and houses) can get seriously hurt and damaged. We've whittled down the most important and helpful information you need to know before you hold your own display.
Summer is upon us and slowly, one-by-one, we're coming out of hibernation and entering our gardens as the sun begins to shine. Us Brits seem to go doolally as soon as we see a glimmer of sun, but let's be honest, we never know how long it'll last!
Wimbledon has SO much to offer in terms of giving your Mum the best Mother's Day yet. We've compiled an exclusive list of the best places and things to do and buy!
Yes - it's that time of year again. Whether you're eagerly awaiting the date or can't wait for it to pass, we've hand-picked the very best things for you to do on and around the date in Wimbledon and further afield in London.
Ice skating is one of London's favourite winter pastimes. Get your ice skates on this winter at London's coolest ice rinks!
Dressing up comes naturally to some but can involve a lot of effort and imagination to others. If you're looking to avoid the stereotypical ghost or zombie, we've gathered the best alternative Halloween costumes for all to enjoy.
Keeping safe on Bonfire night
Keeping safe on Bonfire night
Bonfire night is usually a fun and magical evening for all, however it does come with its dangers. We've found the most important and valuable information you need to know before you get the fireworks out.
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