Quick and easy Halloween costumes
3rd October 2016
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You don't need to be crafty to make these quick and easy Halloween costumes, and better yet, you will probably have at least two of these costumes lying around your house already.

Here are our 6 quick and easy Halloween costumes:

Classic ghost

You really can't go wrong with a white bed sheet at Halloween. Make two holes for eyes and chuck it over your head. What could be simpler?



Wear all white and use black tape to draw a stick man on your body. We like to think this is a modern take on a skeleton.



Wear all black and cut a black umbrella in half to create two wings. Stick these on your sleeves and you're flying.



All you need is a little face paint. Follow any YouTube video (or just outline your own facial features, cheekbones, nose, etc) and you're ready to go.



You might think we've gone crazy with this one! Give it a chance... grab a pair of fishnet tights, put them over your head. Apply coloured eyeshadow over your face using the fishnets as a pattern. Carefully remove fishnets and you're a mermaid. Right? Maybe dye your hair red too just in case.



One for the kids, all you need is a cardboard box and some circular tupperware. Make holes in the box for a head, arms and legs. Paint the box and tupperware your favourite colour, attach the tupperware to the box like a Lego piece and you're done.

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