The Best Alternative Halloween Costumes
20th October 2014
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Dressing up comes naturally to some but can involve a lot of effort and imagination to others. If you're looking to avoid the stereotypical ghost or zombie, we've gathered the best alternative Halloween costumes for all to enjoy.



Halloween is the perfect place to display your imagination by having a wicked costume. Let's face it, a really GOOD costume can 'make' a party and get everyone talking. Nowadays the zombies, ghosts and witches of a party go pretty much unnoticed.

So what makes a good costume? We think scary Halloween costumes are great and obviously well-themed, but thinking outside the box is where you'll find the best alternative costumes.

It's tricky to describe what we think makes a brilliant costume, so we've gathered the best photos of our favourite alternative costumes below (our favourite is the Banksy costume!).

Take inspiration from current affairs (if appropriate), your favourite TV shows or films, art, games, animals, jokes - anything!

From Banksy and Andy Warhol paintings to Toy Soldiers and Sim characters, you're bound to make a statement. Don't forget that you can get your friends, family and even pets involved too. The more elaborate, the better!


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