Tips for hosting the scariest Halloween party of them all
9th October 2014
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We're big fans of Halloween and have some terrifying tips for how to throw a harrowing Halloween party. 



Halloween is one of our favourite times of the year. Not only does it involve copious amounts of sweets, but dressing up in silly costumes is totally socially accepted. Win-win!

Usually it’s a bit damp and dreary in October for us British folk, so if you’re thinking of skipping the trick-or-treating, how about throwing the scariest Halloween party of them all?

We’ve got some gruesome tips on how to have the spookiest party of them all, from devilish decorations to terrifying treats.

Nerve-wracking Nibbles

Everyone knows a party isn’t a party without food. There are thousands of Halloween themed recipes, from pumpkin pies to finger food. We’ve rounded up the best of the best (or worst of the worst?!).

Skewered Eyeballs: Marinate mozzarella balls flavoured with herbs and spices. Attach sliced black and green olives with a toothpick to make the pupils.

Brain Cheese: Mould a party cheese log into the shape of a human brain, add thinly sliced peppers for realistic blood clots. Cut tortillas into ghoulish shapes with cookie cutters, then lightly toast and spread the brain food on top. Yuck!

Witch's Fingers: Cover pretzel sticks with honey mixed with a dash of red food dye, and roll them in crushed peanuts. Dip the ends in the red-dyed honey for an extra bloody digit!

Daring Drinks

Where there's food, there must be drink...

Themed Labels: Turn your favourite drinks into tempting poisons and gross liquids, such as Rat Poison, Witches Brew and classic Bloody Mary’s for adults.

Themed Cups: Grab some black, blood red and ghostly cups and glasses from your local party shop or supermarket to spice up your party.

Devilish Decorations

Spookify the Place: Hang shredded black garbage bags in entrance ways and old torn sheets in windows to make your party room look decrepit and abandoned. Add these to the front door too for added effect.

Lurching Lights: Battery-operated lights hidden in corners will give a spooky glow and will cast ghoulish shadows around the room. Try turning all the lights off every so often, blame it on the ghosts!

Lose a Finger: Creepy specimens in jars will make a gruesome statement on any table. They’re simple to create with coloured water and plastic body parts in clear glass jars. Place in front of battery-operated tea lights for spooky shadows.

Creepy Costumes

The options for Halloween costumes are endless. Themed costumes such as The Addams Family are great for families, The Walking Dead or Zombies are classic go-to’s, and quirky characters from your favourite TV show or film are likely to impress with originality. Of course, ghosts, witches and devils are quick yet effective costumes too.

If any guests show up sans-costume, have a basket of masks by the door for instant transformations. The more original, the better!


There are no rules for throwing a great party. If something works for you, do it! But whatever you do, don’t forget the music. There are hundreds of Halloween party music CDs and playlists online, so your gruesome guests can party on down to the grave all night long!

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