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How to make use of your conservatory space...
Are you thinking of extending your house? Having a conservatory built is a great way of extending your living space and it is a stunning feature.
Here are some great tips and warnings (OK its from the USA but is still relevant for UK households) about how to avoid a fire disaster this Christmas as a result of your Christmas tree catching fire. It happens! BE SAFE THIS CHRISTMAS and make sure it doesn't happen to you!
Lots of ideas for things to do this Halloween around Warwick and South Warwickshire.
Alan Hodgkinson of Cornerways Electrical, based near Warwick, has summarised some useful basic information about Part P of the Building Regs,appertaining to Electrical Installations. Make sure you know what DIY electrical work you can do at home legally!
If you enjoy 10 pin bowling, why not try a family game of Skittles for FREE at the alley located at The National Herb Centre, as part of a great day out at their garden centre on the Oxfordshire/Warwickshire borders at Warmington. There's lots to see & do.
Check out the vital information in this BLOG to help everyone recognise the symptoms of someone who is having a Stroke. If they receive treatment within 3 hours they can be saved and lead a normal life. BUT you need to recognise the symtoms and get help..
Lee Summers, Technical director at the Alumet Group said "Yesterday’s High Court ruling on the FITs for Solar PV will have numerous consequences for the UK solar industry. It is hoped that some much need certainty will return and that we can go back to....
Pantone® releases its Colour of the year 2012! Tell us your thoughts? Will you be using Tango Tangerine in your designs in 2012?
Electricity improves our daily lives, but only when used safely. Don’t create hazards by overloading sockets and never ignore warning signs like burning smells, sounds of arcing,(buzzing and crackling),fuses blowing or circuit-breakers tripping.
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