Choosing a conservatory for your home
20th April 2016
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Choosing a conservatory can be difficult as there are numerous styles to choose from and depending on which style you choose, you are able to transform your home.

Many people choose a conservatory rather than an extension because it lets in natural daylight; really brightening up your living space. Conservatories also are known for keeping extremes of temperature, therefore choosing a conservatory will mean you a choosing a room that you can live, play, entertain or relax in.

What style of conservatory should I choose?

Well this is dependent on your personal preference, your house style and how much space you want adding to your home.


Orangeries are a combination of brick and glass. This tends to be the style of choice when people cannot decide between a conservatory or extension; an orangery has brick side elevations mimicking an extension but glass windows and ceilings mirroring a conservatory. The benefits of having an orangery is that the tall windows and glass ceilings provide lots of natural light.

Many people choose to combine an orangery with bi-fold doors as this means the whole side of the room can open into the garden.


An Edwardian style conservatory is often chosen when the house is an older property or listed building. This is because the style is symmetrical, bold and proportionate in design. An Edwardian style has a flat frontage and a very high sloping roof. This style is extremely versatile; giving an abundance of space and light.

Gable End

A Gable End conservatory are also known as Pavillion conservatories; a variant to the Edwardian style conservatory. Similar to the Edward style, the Gable End conservatory is a square or rectangular shape. The difference is the Gable End, an eye catching style that can really enhance your home.

This style is particularly popular with people who own bungalows or if you are looking to adjoin a conservatory to an extension. The triangular apex Gable End gives maximum space and light to your home and the perception of a higher roof gives the interior of your home an incredible atmosphere.


The Mediterranean conservatory is the simplest in style for a garden room. It has a clean, contemporary look and will maximise your space in the most economical way.

Many people choose a Mediterranean style for a multitude of purposes, including a children’s playroom or greenhouse.


The Victorian style conservatory is the most popular and versatile style. It has a bay front, steeply pitched roof and ornate ridge details.

As you can see, there are many styles of conservatory that you can choose from and when choosing how to extend your home it is vital you choose the right one for you. Warwick Glass and Glazing are the experts in conservatories and will always be happy to advise you on which would best suit your home. Call them today for more information!

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