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Based upon customer recommendations and reviews Warwick Spice is the Most Loved in the UK and it just happens to be in Smith Street, Warwick.
Curry is one of the staple food when it comes to Indian cuisine. It is widely enjoyed not only by native Indians but also by different nationalities who find the joy of eating Indian food. It has a lot of spices that give it the rich flavor that we enjoy in each curry dish. It is also believed to be healthy for our bodies and it is due to its ingredients that give us the health benefits in every bowl.
Giggling Squid, the popular and innovative family of Thai restaurants, is pleased to announce its latest opening in the charming town of Warwick. Centrally located on the High Street, locals will be treated to Giggling Squid’s signature Thai cuisine in a stylish yet relaxed environment. Open for lunch and dinner, the new 120 cover site will appeal to groups of friends, office workers and families in search of delicious and authentic food from this part of the world.
Indian cuisine is becoming increasingly popular amongst people who are health conscious. It has many health benefits as well as being extra tasty!
A Rob Thompson tribute at Warwick spice to Sinatra, Buble and The Rat Pack...
Enjoy a special discount with your delicious curry at Warwick Spice...
Is Indian food good for me?
Is Indian food good for me?
Recent research suggests that Indian food is good for you! This article details the medicinal effects from the ingredients that go into a curry. However, not all curries are healthy – just avoid those that contain lots of cream, such as a masala or korma.
We’re not all great cooks and some of us don’t have the desire to cook a meal for friends or the time to invest in it either. However, we do want to spend more valuable time with treasured friends and to build relationships with newer friends too. It’s also nice to bring groups of people together to make a really interesting evening in.
Indian is one of the most popular cuisines eaten in the UK but how much do you actually know about it?
Bangladeshi cuisine
Bangladeshi cuisine
Many of us regularly enjoy either a trip to an Indian restaurant or have it as a takeaway when we fancy a night in.
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