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7th June 2016
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Affordable to many with that little extra garden space to spare, the addition of a conservatory can make all the difference to the home.  It’s certainly a lower cost way to extend a home and also offers an additional room with fantastic light and a beautiful view of the garden. 

Here are some uses for a new conservatory: 

Extra Living Room Space – If your living room has patio doors leading from it, a conservatory can work as an extension of the living space, opening out into a lighter space, to make one larger living room.  However, it can also be treated separately as a self-contained space to accommodate those that want to go off and watch a different TV programme to you or sit somewhere quietly to read etc.

Extra Kitchen Space – A conservatory fitted off a kitchen could provide space for extra storage units plus, if you’re short of space in the kitchen, a conservatory would be a great place for a breakfast table, leaving the dining room free for more formal occasions.

Playroom – If you have kids, a playroom in the conservatory is great, because it means they’re not upstairs in their bedrooms out of sight.  It’s also nice and light and again, for the children it can feel like being half way outside in the garden even when the UK weather doesn’t always allow for outside play. 

Dining Area – Space in our houses can be very restricted, but it’s lovely to invite friends over for dinner.  A conservatory makes a perfect dining room.  It’s also great for guests as using the conservatory as dining space means that the dining room can be as extra living space or a guest bedroom.

An Office with a View – It is becoming more and more commonplace for people to work from home, but often people do not have the space to install computer equipment or create the storage space required.  Not only would a conservatory provide extra space at a fraction of the cost of an extension, it also gives you a lovely light room to work in.

A Games Room – A luxury for most homes but great for people who enjoy some sporting fun, a conservatory is perfect for housing a snooker table, dart board, table tennis table and much more, keeping other areas quiet and free of distractions.  


There is so much that you can do with the extra space that a conservatory would add to your home.  It all depends on your household and lifestyle. 




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