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Don't *Weight* to be touched by Cancer | Walsall's Boot Camp For Life 2012 Personal Trainer Invites You!

Walsall's most controversial Personal Trainer Paul Wilson speaks out on weight loss and cancer, and ask's you to go against society to be aware, respect and appreciate your life!

Free Boot Camp in Walsall for Easter Eggs with Paul Wilson

Personal Trainer Paul Wilson from Walsall gives are a Free Boot Camp workout to raise Easter Eggs for the Acorns Hospice!

West Midlands doesn't have to be the Fattest in Europe! My BBC Debut

Walsall's Leading Personal Trainer Paul Wilson was set a mission by the BBC to find out why the West Midlands is the FATTEST region in Europe! And he sets the challenge for 3 guinea pigs to keep video diaries of their day to day lives.

Question time with Walsall Personal Trainer | Fat Loss for holiday and More

It's that time again when your fitness and nutriton questions are answered by Walsall's leading personal trainer Paul Wilson - This week we talk about fat loss for your holidays, and more.

What I really think about The Best of Walsall

What I really think about being a business on thebestofwalsall - from Walsall's top personal trainer Paul Wilson

A social media twist to win a month of personal training | Walsall Weight Loss

Personal Trainer Paul Wilson, Walsalls leading fat loss expert announces the competition to get Walsall up, moving and active in order to WIN a whole month at Fat Burner BootCamp.

21 day rapid fat loss in walsall | personal training system

Bootcamper Caroline loses 1.5 stone in 21 days at fat burner bootcamp using our 21 day rapid fat loss meal plans and exercise.

10 ways to NOT lose weight

06 June 2011 15:28

How not to lose weight in Walsall. Personal Trainer and Fat Loss Expert Paul Wilson shares the top 10 way that can sabotage your effort to achieving fat loss.

Fat Loss Assault for the best of

Walsall Personal Trainer Paul Wilson shares he's close kept secrets to incredible fat loss results for people who have tried everything when it comes to weight loss.

Willenhall Personal Trainer ask's are you IN or are you OUT?

There's only two options when it comes to commitment. You're either IN or you're OUT!"

No time wasting, tyre kicking, moaning and whining when you work with me. Just commitment to success that brings about the result we set.

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