What I really think about The Best of Walsall
22nd August 2011
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Yes you are used to me posting out great content about fat loss, training and exercise.

But today I'm not going to mention anything to do with my awesome fat burner bootcamp in Walsall.

Today I want to share my thoughts on the last 12 months of being a part of the Best of Walsall! What I REALLY think. I'll tell you what i think, what I really really think. (for the spice girls fans out there)
It's bloomin awesome thats what I think.

Like I actually think it's the greatest marketing, networking, group of people you can be a part of for your business and what I like most about BoW (Best of Walsall) is how each business is unique and home grown in Walsall. - I'm actually from Cannock - but thanks to The Best of i feel more Walsall'onian than ever!

These are businesses that I would recommend and refer to my friends. People like Darren from Tan Med/ Synergy who by the way hosted one fantastic afternoon for their 3rd year anniversary yesterday in aid of the Mayors charity. People like Bharat from Suki's Bar and Indian Restaurant - who I have recently linked up with to give the community Fat Burner BootCamp approved healthy meals (we have a whole new menu set up in there to keep you in shape when you're eating out! (Try the Tandoori Salmon,,, phenomenal!) People like Dave Gill who is just an all round awesome guy! And people like Jane Dean from JD figures who is pushing me to collect my testimonials so I win next years awards - with out blowing the old trumpet if I did collect them last year I would have brought that "best personal trainer" home for us!

But the best bit of the best of Walsall. It the opportunity it has given me. Like i'm talking some serious law of attraction stuff that has been going on here.
For example, one afternoon I popped up to visit Alex and Sarah at the Aldridge summer fete. "Alex, I'm looking for a charity to help support because my guys and girls at bootcamp keep dropping clothes sizes and they need somewhere to donate them too" ... I said.

Guess what... Sue Taylor from the Walsall Heart Care turns round out of nowhere. Boooom. Instant link up! 2 weeks later myself and Bharat raised £165 in one night, for the Walsall Heart Care when we launched our bootcamp approved healthy menu. Bharat (such a great guy) matched the amount we raised and donated it to the Walsall Hospice!

...Now I've got to tell you guys. I have been mega busy and working on new and exciting things and because of this, I’ve not been able to head over the visit Sue to give her the money we raised... Until last Saturday that was when I drove to Walsall (in my bootcamp van) to pick up my girlfriend WHO so happens to be a close friend with Sue and was round together at the party they were both at. Fortunately I happened to have the money to hand over.! I'm telling you, Law of Attraction!

And then yesterday at the Tan Med/ Synergy 3rd year anniversary, I only bumped into my next new link up!

I've just got to say again that my favourite bit of the best of walsall is how these businesses are so unique and driven by passionate people (like Darren)! I also love how these people I keep bumping/linking up with have the similar values to me when it comes down to nutrition/exercise/business etc. AWESOME!

So... I've just been on stage demonstration Fat Burner BootCamp at Darrens party. And Mitch from Devine Caterers comes over and introduces himself. Literally guys, after 60 seconds of Mitch talking I knew we were going to hit it off! The guy summed up everything that I'm aspiring to do, nutrition-wise to change our community.

Check out the video here > what Mitch had to say > Click here

(Some exciting things coming up very soon for you guys to enjoy so subscribe to my blog at www.fatburneracademy.com and keep in touch)

<< I've also just posted a great blog post to help cure back pain with an awesome video we shot last week on the flip cam, when I meet up for the first time with Marvin Dukes from the West Midlands Injury Clinic, again another link up from the BoW.

The last 12 months within this community has been a blast and I want to thank the man himself who made everything possible.

The guy that groups us all together, Alex. As a mentor and someone who is so passionate about growing your business I want to thank Alex and Sarah for the last 12 months!

My mantra is help enough people get what they want and you will get what you want! I help people every day get fit, drop a jeans size and up to a stone in 28 days (ok I wasn't going to mention training but I just did!), I do this day in day out and I believe it's my calling in life. Now as a part of the best of Walsall I can help other fellow business owners like Suki's, Tan Med, Divine Caterers and you.

Cheers all,
from www.fatburnerbootcamp.com


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