Don't *Weight* to be touched by Cancer | Walsall's Boot Camp For Life 2012 Personal Trainer Invites You!
23rd July 2012
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Hey Everyone,

Many people reading this today have been touched or know someone who has been touched by cancer. Don't wait to be touched by cancer, touch your boobies and touch your nuts.

As Walsall's most out spoken controversial personal trainer who uses his no B.S approach that allows clients to lose up to 1 stone in 28 days guaranteed - I'm not going to waist anytime about convincing you that your life is something you need to respect and appreciate.


Yet they then except being fat and become ignorant. People begin to use the following excuses:


  • It's cold outside to workout
  • I'm tired
  • I'll do it tomorrow
  • One won't hurt
  • Live a little (as it goes people seem to "LIVE" a lot!)
  • I don't need to diet i'm skinny (skinny fat!*)
  • I don't have time
  • I don't have the money
  • Everything in moderation is ok
  • I don't have a friend to help me
  • I am too old (we've just had a 67 year old complete our program!)
  • I'm too out of shape!
  • i'm this, i'm that..... blah blah blah!
People even start to think being big is beautiful! And thats what society wants you to believe. While you get big, you fill the pockets of supermarkets and ice cream factories. Do you really think heart disease, cancer, diabetes, depression and many more are beautiful? I told you I was controversial. Hang with me here... Everyone's soul is beautiful, but being big is not. Let's forget about weight for a moment. What happens when life throws you a massive realisation that life should be respected and appreciated? My client Helen found out she was diagnosed with breast cancer in 2009, today she is spending every day with a smile on her face. Her ordeal was so moving, I had to share this with you. Click here to read. Today we have become a nation of ignorance. I see it when people no longer care about being overweight enough to change their waistline. Instead they half ass'edly attempt to lose weight because deep down they know they should, but then give up because they didn't mean it when they said "I'm going to lose weight" or because the dounuts displayed right infront of your face as you walk into the supermarket convinced you to have a treat. But we also see in society people no longer checking their body for cancer. On Saturday 28th July I am hosting Boot Camp For Life 2012. All the family can attend. Adults can take part in a FREE Workout from 9:45am (you can book your workout here) Kids can play on the bouncy castle. You can enjoy our Boot Camp approved BBQ and much more including our burpees for boobies and for balls challenge. The event is being held at the Walsall Rugby Club from 9:45am. Come on down. If you would like to attend a free workout you must book your spot here. As I say everyone is invited of all ages to respect and be aware of cancer and support Cancer Research who my client Helen explains how they saved her life in this article. Please come along and take part, show your support and be a part of Boot Camp For Life 2012. The event is Free and the workouts are FREE, all we ask is for open donations on the day to raise our pot for Cancer Research, every penny counts! See you on Saturday, Be fit, Paul Wilson


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