Question time with Walsall Personal Trainer | Fat Loss for holiday and More
6th September 2011
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It's that time again when your fitness and nutriton questions are answered by Walsall's leading personal trainer Paul Wilson who runs Fat Burner Boot Camp, an outdoor fitness bootcamp that takes you on a fat loss and fitness journey to drop up to 1 stone of fat in just 28 days.

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Hi Paul,

I have regularly been going to the gym now for 3 years. At first I dropped 2 stone in the first 12 months but since then I have been losing motivation, making poor food choices and not enjoying exercise. Thing is i am desperate to shift the fat before my holiday in September. Paul what do I need to do to get back on track and seeing results? I feel as if I have tried everything.

Thank you,

Sue from Walsall

Woooah Sue, sounds like you've been falling down the fitness bordom road that so many people do - often the gym goers and exercise classes attendees experience this.

Before I give you the plan to get into shape in time for your holiday we need to take care of a few more deeper issues to why you are losing motivation when you are exercising, as this is something so many people avoid to address and almost certainly will end up in you straying from a diet or exercise regime. So let me ask you, what are you currently doing to get into shape? - (Answer) WHY? - (Answer)

What is your motive to exercise, then what is your incentive? - (Answer)

Firstly you need a motive, such as getting into great shape for your holiday so you look and feel fantastic in a bikini or you feel great in the sense of achievement you feel when people take notice that you've dropped weight. In fact, there is no better feeling than knowing in yourself that, YOU ARE IMPROVING! I mean, you don't have to look like a cover model in a bikini and make the men wolf whistle as you walk by just to feel good, NO! You, me and every other being in this world can feel INCREDIBLE just by knowing that what you are doing is improving you, lose 1 stone and know you've still got another 3 to lose is still an incredible sense of fullfilment and motivation to know you are improving yourself. This excites me just thinking about you improving yourself!

Have a motive - and there is none better than improving and spending time on YOU!

Now have an incentive. Reward yourself or surround yourself in a rewarding environment often. Complete a push up and I will praise you. Lift a 28kg sandbag over your head and I am going to hi5 you. Motivate a friend or fellow bootcamper during class and they and I will appreciate you! This is an incentive in itself. Or, drop a jean size and wear those skinny jeans that you had hanging up all month somewhere you could see each morning as you said out load "I will wear you in 28 days time!" - this again is a super incentive.

Have an incentive but this does not involve cake, chocolate and booze. Don't be a turnip!

Ok Sue, at this point we will have taken care of you motivation. Now let's get down to business and make you thin - so to speak.

Exercise - Stop doing what you've been doing. If you always do what you've always done you will always get what you've always got and 12 months to lose 2 stone is a long time. I want you to leave the gym, if it's boring you now then its not going to get any better. I want you to find inspiration in real people getting real results. Yes like we get at Fat Burner Boot Camp.

We separate ourselves from the gyms and exercise classes by offering personal training to each client, offerring formulated nutrition and connecting our workouts into the four seasons just like your body was designed to thrive in.

Your workouts need to consist of resistance based training. Cardio is a waste of time as you will hear me say often, so that means aerobics and dance classes, treadmill, cross trainers and cycling are out. The most effective way to get into great condition for your holiday is to perform resistance based training. Here is an example I did last week in a hotel room while visiting Paris - Click here for the hotel/home workout

Nutrition - If it didn't fall from a tree, grow from the ground, swim the sea or walk the land, then DO NOT eat it!

I could talk forever about nutrition and since you can not out train a bad diet, why even bother too? Instead I have prepared for you an ebook that you can instantly download right now and learn how to eat, exercise and even optimise your results to get faster fat loss.

Click here to download your FREE copy of the Fat Burner Boot Camp manual

At Fat Burner Boot Camp you receive full guidance on nutrition, exercise, lifestyle and progression. To find out how it's done and to start following the Fat Burner way today, you can instantly download your copy of the Boot Camp manual for free and in the next couple of minutes you will be on your way to learn how to get incredible results in time for that certain date.

Sue thank you very much for your question today - Now go make it happen!

Committed to your fitness

Paul Wilson

Download your copy of the Boot Camp manual at:

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