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10th August 2011
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The 21 day rapid fat loss challenge from Walsall's fitness bootcamp.

Walsall’s highly successful Fat Burner BootCamp an outdoor fitness bootcamp designed to drop as much as 1 stone of body fat in under 28 days while following their nutrition plan and 3 workouts each week invites you to their 21 day rapid fat loss challenge and see the fat loss results!


Personal Trainer Paul Wilson says “my passion is working with men and women who think they have tried ‘everything’ and then putting them onto our system that works time and time again with people regardless of what they may have tried in the past.”


Each camp regularly runs for 28 days on a Monday, Wednesday Friday at 7am, 9:45am and 7:30pm at Walsalls Oak Park but commencing this Monday 22nd August Paul will be hosting a 21 day rapid fat loss challenge to anyone who wants to take part in our system for just 21 days and see the results.


Walsall bootcamp instructor Paul says “We have just completed our last 21 days rapid fat loss challenge with campers individually losing as much as 1.5 stone and up to 23 inches of fat. You see if you work our plan, the plan will work for you also!”


Camper Caroline Scott praises BootCamp – “I have lost 1.5 stone in 21 days! Not bad for a teacher who has a bad knee and hates exercise! Now I’m looking forward to going back to teaching with my new weight loss! I am feeling great!”


If you are interested in taking part in the 21 day rapid fat loss challenge, or for more information visit or call Paul Wilson now on 07891931245 and request more details.


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