West Midlands doesn't have to be the Fattest in Europe! My BBC Debut
17th January 2012
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Did you know the West Midlands is the FATTEST region in Europe!

Recent studies show that only 6 in a hundred people think they are obese. And the actual figure, 1 in 4 people are!

What does this mean?.... People are delusional in the West Midlands. They don't think, or they are in denial, that they are obese.

This is my message in the documentary I have put together with the BBC that went out last night - you can watch it right here on BBC iPlayer : http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b019p30z/

I want to pass this title of 'THE FATTEST IN EUROPE' onto some other region.

The only way we can do this, is if we take RESPONSIBILITY for where we are as a community and MAKE CHANGE!

I am actively working in the West Midlands to turn this obesity crisis around! I now have boot camps set up in Walsall, Lichfield and Perry Barr, and with camps opening in Sutton and Solihul. Plus my online train-from-anywhere fat loss program - I am actively doing my part to change peoples lives.

Now we just need the community to come together.

I call the people I get to inspire, train and achieve great results with, "the BEST people in the community"! These are the people coming together whatever the weather, wind rain shine or snow and after a long day a work - we all come together with one passion, health and fitness.

Now if you are someone who works - eats to feel full - drinks to relax - requires coffee to get going... Then sooner or later you will find yourself trapped, running the rat race, and not progressing forwards or finding happiness.

Okay, I understand we have to work, I LOVE WORK! But would I love it if my health was poor, feeling sluggish, slow, tired requiring coffee to get going, requiring medication when I get sick, to keep going. This for me anyway, would SUCK!

What I'm saying is this, if the industry and work is the reason why people in the West Midlands is the reason why people are obese, because they are not exercising and they are eating quick hit cheap calories... Then let's change the way we work.

  • I mean, start preparing a healthy lunch the night before work and keep away from the cafeteria carb central!
  • Pack nuts and berries to snack on and keep away from the vending machines.
  • Take you own herbal/fruit/green tea to work and keep away from caffeine dense drinks.
  • When you get home cook a meal with fresh ingredients and lean meat/fish/poultry such as my famous sweet potato fish pie with green vegetables.
  • Get your BOOT CAMP FIX - and train in the morning before work or after work in the evening and get your body moving, improve your mobility and develop lean, defined muscle thats going to burn fat while you go through your day!

I've just given you a blueprint for turning you life around. All you need to do is JOIN ME!

Wouldn't the economic crisis improve if people were healthier, more productive, getting more done? Therefore exercise and diet can solve the economy. What do you think?

Refuse to accept that we are the FATTEST region in EUROPE!!! Refuse to back down!

Join me in passing on the title of the fattest to some other region in Europe. (How about the Germans?) Join the best people in the community and together we will make the change thats needed.

We can dig ourselves out of the economy crisis by investing into your health and fitness.

Right, go watch me on the BBC here: http://www.bbc.co.uk/i/b019p30z/

Have a great day!

Paul Wilson
Health Coach
Fat Burner Boot Camp

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