Why has that house been empty for years??
22nd February 2018
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With thousands struggling to get a foot on the property ladder and the increasing shortage of housing we often wonder why properties in our communities remain empty. Maybe we have heard someone we know saying that the house across the road from them is still empty, and it’s been a long time since their neighbour passed away.

In cases such as this, it could well be the case that the owner either died without leaving a will and there is no known family, or the beneficiaries of their will cannot be traced.

Whoever is acting as the executor of the deceased estate will make reasonable effort to trace the rightful heirs, but if this is not successful their estate including the property will be passed to HM Treasury and become part of the estimated £1bn of dormant assets within the UK.

An appeal for information from Bond Lane Research

Are you aware of an empty property in your community which could fall into this category? If you do, Bond Lane Research Ltdwould love to hear from you. Director Phil Jennings explained to us;

“we have over 20 years’ forensic genealogical research experience and are able to carry outsearchesto trace and reunite unclaimed properties with the rightful beneficial owners. It is not uncommon for properties to be left unclaimed following the death of the owner because known beneficiaries may have moved on, changed their name or even died themselves. Worse still, in cases where the estate is intestate and heirs are unknown, there is an uphill struggle to research family trees and confirm proof of relationship to the deceased in order for the property to be reunited with its rightful owner.

Property that remains empty for a prolonged period of time is of no benefit to anyone, houses can quickly fall into disrepair and become dangerous, attract unwanted tenants or become infested with vermin. All of this causes unnecessary issues for neighbours and can reduce their own property values”.

What signs should you look for?

You may have only recently moved to the area yourself, so may not be aware of the history behind an empty property. There are a few signs that can help you decide whether a property is abandoned rather than simply empty on a long term basis. Signs to look out for will include;

  • Boarded up windows and doors
  • Gardens that are unkempt and overgrown
  • The property has been uninhabited for some time, and neighbours are unaware of tenants living there
  • The garden is often used for people tipping rubbish
  • The property is in great need of repair
  • There have been previous reports of squatters in the property
  • Vermin can be seen in the property gardens

Although these signs are not definite proof that the property is abandoned, we would love to hear from you, and will carry out the required research.

A Gift from Bond Lane Research to say thankyou

If we are able to trace and reunite an empty property with its rightful owners, Bond Lane Research Ltd will pay you 3% of our achieved fee, earning your hundreds of pounds for making that one phone call or sending us that one email.

Contact us today via our website or Telephone 01633 669399 quoting BLR18 to discuss how Bond Lane Research Ltd can help your community and earn you a cash reward in the process.

Phil Jennings

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