The three R's of life
12th November 2015
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Knowing your three R’s can save you money, do you know yours?

Reduce, Reuse, and Recycle.


Most of us understand the importance of reducing Reusing and recycling the three R’s

Many people are learning to consume less in order to reduce what goes into land field.

During the wars our ancestors became very resourceful and found some fun and creative ways to reuse things.  If you are of a certain age group as a child you to would remember the wonderful times we had of recycling and reusing things within our play time. I remember the local boys taking pram wheels and bits of wood and string and making go carts, myself and other local girls of the area would take rose petals adding to glass bottles with water and make our own perfume.

When very young I made a puppy out of an old sock a felt tip pen, some stones and a piece of string I must have walked miles with that puppy dragging behind me.


These days we have charity shops to take in our unwanted goods, bag less shopping, and the revival of handmade crafts items is very strong.  I have always enjoyed antique shops not for what the items  are worth but the fact that it has been used, it may be second-hand but it’s new to me and I can appreciate the workmanship that as gone into the item.  As we are getting to that time of the year when thoughts are going to Christmas gifts and decorations, I ask you to take stock and think before you buy plastic, sparkling and unrecyclable items.  Before you head off to the shops, de-cutter and recycle unwanted items, take them to your local charity shop or homeless centres, remember to take your shopping bags and please try to buy local,  hand crafted and sustainable items that will be of use.

Remember your three R’s  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle.

By Megan Dovey

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