The Biggest Asset
11th December 2017
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Our minds are the biggest assets we have for creating wealth and lifestyle yet so many hold themselves back and prevent success from coming their way just through the way they think and their lack of follow through.

I was once called a “professional student” by a University Lecturer in New Zealand. I had just started my own business and realised there was a gaping hole in my knowledge of how to run a business. So I signed up for several courses at my local University. - Accounting, Commercial Law, Business Management and Quality Management. For the next 3 years several nights a week and weekends I was absorbing as much information as I could and applying it to my business. While the lecturers thought it funny that I attended so many courses and while they joked about me being a professional student what they didn’t realise was I was taking the information provided, customising it to my needs and building a multimillion dollar business.

When I decided to become an investor I found the people who were more successful than me, attended workshop after workshop. Read book after book. I then customised the information to suit my needs and built a multimillion pound investment portfolio. Even today, I continue to attend several workshops a year. Digest the information, customise it to a way that will work for me and then start implementing it.

Do I get it right first time? Hell no. I try things, tweak them, retry until I find a way that works for me. I know many people who say “I tried that but it didn’t work”. My question would be why didn’t it work and what needs changing in you to make it work?

We are all individuals who think differently. We look at things in different ways. We apply things differently. So why do you think there is just one way to becoming wealthy?

Our minds have the ability to absorb so much information that we take it for granted and ignore so much of it. We delay taking action because it doesn’t suit us to do it. But, If you take even a small amount of information that you have and apply it to creating wealth and lifestyle how much richer would your world be?

You have the ability to become as wealthy as you want to be. The only thing holding you back is you. Ask yourself why you don’t have the lifestyle or wealth you want right now. Let your mind provide the answer then start taking the action you need to so you get the results you desire. Take the information you have and make it work for you.

Your mind is the biggest asset you have to creating wealth. Yet you let it tell you “you can’t” instead of “you can”. Tell your mind to back off and start working for you instead of against you. Provide the education and knowledge it needs to build your lifestyle and wealth. Then take whatever action is needed to make it work for you. Be prepared to make the change and the results will come your way.

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