Pre-School infants and toddlers show
31st March 2016
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This new product has proved to be great fun for parents and children alike. Our program promotes laughter well being, enhances motor skills and increases confidence for babies, toddlers and infants. Our story telling balloon creations or puppets are available Monday to Friday in South Wales. Our programe can be hosted at various locations,  such as children’s activity and soft-play centres, leisure centres, community centres, nurseries, pre-school and mothers and toddlers.

What will Tony Do?

This will vary for individual groups, keeping it fresh and different every time. Balloontastic can tell a story with balloon illustrations; for example if we provide a story telling session depicting Peter Rabbit by Beatrix Potter, after the Balloontastic play session Tony will produce a balloon Peter Rabbit. As the story unfolds Tony  will create balloon  characters to enhance the story telling experience.


Note:  some play centres  request that Tony provides a walkabout session, creating balloons creations whilst the the children play.

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