Do you ever come across investments and you think, that looks interesting
17th January 2018
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Do you ever come across investments and you think, that looks interesting, but when you click on the link before you can get any information on the investment you have to register? I had an email today, looks a good investment and it's in a area I'm interested in and 8% per annum, but click on the link and as mentioned, before I can get any information I have to register.

You may think well what's wrong with that, maybe nothing? But I did that on another investment over a year ago, and it then took me a year to stop investment companies ringing me. The original company I enquired to obviously put my name on an investment list that was accessed by everyone, at one point I was getting phone calls up to 4 times a day with people wanting me to invest. These were extremely hard sell companies who then started slinging abuse at me because I wouldn't invest.

So if an investment company want you to register before even giving you the most basic information, just be careful, you don't know where it might lead.

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