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A new balance bike track for pre-school children has opened in Telford.
Calling all men in Telford over 50 to get tested for Prostate Cancer this month, with backing of former world boxing champion, Richie Woodhall.
Telford has secured a grant to promote local businesses within the tourism & hospitality industry.
Vince Dovey, managing director, Shropshire ITC wins Gold
A Shropshire law firm has unveiled a new sponsorship deal to keep the University of Wolverhampton’s Formula 3 team on the winning track.
Do you think you have an ingrowing toe nail? Shropshire Foot Doctor in Telford explain more about this painful condition.
Shropshire Foot Doctor tell us all about Gout and how to prevent it.
How much do you know about your feet?
Local employers encouraged to consider flexible working over Euros 2016.
Cycle-cross race comes to Blists Hill Victorian Town 9th July 2016.
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