Common Foot Problems: Gout!
30th June 2016
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If you have ever experienced Gout, you will appreciate how painful it can be.

Shropshire Foot Specialists foot doctor in Telford specialises in many foot problems and explains that Gout is a form of arthritis in which small crystals form around the joints as a result of an imbalance of uric acid.  As the crystals collect, they cause irritation and inflammation which can be painful and severe.

Around 1 in 200 people are affected by gout and the condition is a lot more common in men with the main symptom being waking up in the middle of the night with a severe throbbing pain in the big toe.  In some cases, gout can include kidney damage as the crystals create kidney stones that are renowned as being very painful to pass.

So how can you prevent it?   The podiatrists at Shropshire Foot Doctor, based in Hortonwood Telford, tell us that leading a healthy lifestyle is one way to reduce the chance of a gout attack.  This includes maintaining a healthy weight, avoiding alcohol and fizzy drinks and ensuring you get plenty of Vitamin C.

If you are unfortunate enough to get Gout, anti-inflammatory medication will help as will levitating your leg to help reduce swelling or applying ice or cooling lotions, but it is important that you see a podiatrist for more expert advice.

If you suspect you have gout or any other foot complaint, call Shropshire Foot Doctor today on 01952 427858. or to visit the Foot Doctor website click here.

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