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A local solicitor is warning divorced pension beneficiaries of a new ruling which now enables an estranged spouse to cash in the entirety of a pension pot, rather than splitting the income of it equally with their former partner, as may have been agreed and ordered previously. As of 6 April 2015, over 55s are now allowed to cash in all or part of their pensions, which could result in bitter divorcees cashing in to prevent their ex recovering the expected income.
Shropshire based PCB Solicitors is urging residents to be aware of an important piece of inheritance legislation which is scheduled for review later this year.
Hair straighteners and electrical beauty products are essential items for many women but they can be very dangerous - particularly to children.
Down lighters are attractive lighting solutions, popular in kitchens, bathrooms and bedrooms but if not installed correctly can pose a serious fire risk.
If you are putting your house on the market and hoping for a Spring sale, here's some simple tips on how to get your house ready and attractive for potential buyers!
If you’re moving house, it is important that you pack fragile items correctly to prevent breakages.
A local solicitor is urging residents across the region to ensure their legal affairs are up-to-date to avoid any disputes between family members following a storyline currently being played out on national TV screens.
If you use a portable electric heater to heat your home, please pay attention to these important safety guidelines on how to stay safe this Winter.
There's nothing more annoying than experiencing a power cut but do you know what to do if the power goes off?
Do you feel guilty leaving your pampered pooch In kennels while you do away?
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