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    Taunton Road
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Proudly based in Bridgwater, we have been supplying storage solutions to the people of the South West for years.

Our self-storage units are Bridgwater are made from high-grade steel meaning your personal items will be secure and safe for long periods of time. Our site is easily accessible, with tarmacked roads for safe delivery.

With a variety of unit sizes, ranging from 36 square feet, all the way up to 160 square feet – there is always room to store your valuable possessions at Your Store Bridgwater. Furthermore, all units are safely secured with a 4 lever high-level locking mechanism and have anti-tamper lock boxes fitted. Once these are locked, you will not need to worry about any damage or tampering to your personal items.

Our rental agreements are open-ended, so there is no need to commit to a specific period.


Our site is completely enclosed with anti-climb fencing and electronically operated gates. With every unit, a uniquely coded proximity key fob is issued, ensuring that no unauthorised person is able to gain access to the site but our customers can come and go as they need to.

All contracts can be terminated with just a 7 day notice period. Check our great value self-storage prices and to reserve your storage unit in Exeter today or Call us today 01278 448871 and speak with one of our storage experts to get the best value storage unit for your needs.



For the home owners who need more space at home

At Your Store Bridgwater, we understand the importance of keeping your personal belongings safe and secure. From the moment you enter our premises to store your items, to the time you decide to take them back, we can ensure the whole process is straightforward and simple.
You can book your personal storage unit online – all of our unit sizes and prices are shown on our website, including any special offers. It really is that simple.

We hold many years experience in storage, and as the leading operator in Exeter, we provide self-storage units of a variety of sizes with convenient access hours and around the clock security to ensure that your belongings have a safe place to live.

Our personal storage units are used for a wide range of reasons, and whether you’ve got 1,000 books that need a home or you’re running an eBay business and need somewhere to store your stock, you can determine which size storage unit you need here.

Whether you’re moving house, heading to uni, going travelling, or you simply need to make additional space within your property, our expert team make your entire process as simple and convenient as possible, which is why we provide self-storage prices on our website with no hidden agendas.

Our friendly staff are on hand to help you out when you need more room at home. We have 24-hour-a-day security systems and you will be provided with a unique key fob, meaning that only you will have complete peace of mind knowing that your belongings are safe within our personal storage units.


For those who are moving and want some storage space:

Most of the time you will have superfluous clutter when moving house. In situations like these, that’s where we come in!

When you begin to pack up your belongings, you’ll start mapping out your new home in your head. If the rooms aren’t the same size, this can cause stress as you don’t think your belongings will fit. A self-storage container eradicates this qualm as you’ll always have a place for your possessions:

  • Perhaps there’s a delay on your new home. You need to get a hotel room. That’s stressful enough as it is. Let us look after your belongings whilst the estate agents get themselves together.
  • One-day moves: there’s nothing worse. They mostly result in arguments, bad backs, and regrets. Why not spread your moving-out process with our storage units.
  • Temporarily moving to a small place? We’ll look after your loved stuff until you have your dream home – ready to be filled with your prized possessions.

With one of our storage units, you’ll have total peace of mind. As you’ll have your own personalised fob, you can come and go as you like. When you’re not here, you’ll possessions with lay safe in unsullied security due to our on-site security and anti-climb fencing.

For the tradesman in need of more storage:

Efficiency and organisation is key to maintaining a successful company and that’s why if you have a cluttered workspace, need to downsize or even expand your office, then business storage solutions are the way forward. Regardless of the amount of items you need to store, we have business storage units of every size. Space is a precious commodity!

They say “tidy space, tidy mind” for a reason and if your employees work in a spacious, systematic environment, they will be noticeably motivated and productive.

Even for retail industries, storing surplus stock safely is paramount for creating a stylish shop floor and ensuring you can access your goods when needed. We also understand that storage can seem stressful, so we’ve formulated our self storage facilities to ensure that this isn’t the case, so that your experience with us is straightforward from start to finish.

No one but the authorised personnel can access your unit. Only you have the key for what it behind your own set of steel doors. With all of this and friendly help from our professionals, you will be able to find the best value storage solution for any of your business storage needs with YourStore. If you would like to find out more about our services please feel free to contact us today on 01278 448871.

Please mention TheBestOf Taunton & Bridgwater when contacting Your Store Bridgwater Ltd