Quick Vapes 4 U
  • 18 Fore Street
    TA21 8AQ
Quick Vapes 4 U is an E-Cigarette Shop in Wellington run by Amy and Jason. They supply all kinds of disposable vapes and rechargeable pod units.

You can find them on Fore Street in Wellington open every day except Sunday from 9am to 7pm, closing at 6pm on Saturdays.

Jason and Amy can help you quit smoking using vaping if you are looking for a solution to help you stop. 

According to the NHS ‘Nicotine vaping is substantially less harmful than smoking. It's also one of the most effective tools for quitting smoking.’  Although Quick Vapes 4 U would only recommend it to adult smokers as it isn’t completely harmless and won’t serve under 18’s. It is still a very good way to support quitting smoking and staying quit.

In the shop you will see a huge array of flavours and there are many different options too.

For the person who likes to mix their own Quick Vapes 4 U have Nic Salts and 50/50 juices and shortfills.

For the person who likes to grab and go, they have disposable vapes with up to 600 puffs.

Lastly for the person who likes to recharge their device, they have Pods that fit into a rechargeable unit.

If you want any advice or help, pop along to the shop and speak to Amy or Jason who will be happy to help you.

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