Copper Dot Digital
  • Taunton, Somerset
    TA1 1SH
TheBestOf Taunton and Bridgwater pride ourselves on discovering and helping the cream of local businesses. We look at new and entrepreneurial companies who are thinking outside the proverbial box and Copper Dot Digital are one of these companies we’ve found. Selling digital screens in all shapes and sizes but also creating local business advertising networks (in conjunction with local authorities and venues).This is an excellent medium for small businesses to exploit.

Copper Dot digital are pioneering the use of digital screens for more than simply advertising. They are going deeper into the methods of communication available for businesses to use to communicate with us, the local population.

Local businesses and start ups have few avenues to go down to advertise their service or product, 1- Word of mouth 2- Flyers, 3- Social media.

The latter being much more expensive than it was 2 years ago and only looking to increase over the next 2.


Copper Dot are creating digital signage advertising networks these support only local businesses and will help the community communicate better.Keep your eyes open in Taunton The Brewhouse & Taunton Town FC will soon be up & running

These future proofing networks engage with the public and are a little like the old Post office notice boards so should be welcomed by each rural town across Somerset soon.This cost effective marketing tool is a great way for small businesses to attract  potential customers & for consumers to find local tradesman to use

If you would like to know more their website is: