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A charity dedicated to helping children with disabilities achieve their potential Brainwave is a unique Charity that has been supporting children with physical and/or cognitive disabilities since 1982. The Charity offers a personalised, home based therapy Programme to children and can offer support to their families, which delivers outstanding results. With measurable improvements to the lives of children with physical, sensory, learning, cognitive and behavioural ‘additional needs’ caused by Cerebral Palsy, genetic conditions, Autism and Developmental Delay.

Brainwave helps children with disabilities and additional needs to achieve greater independence, with aims to improve mobility, communication skills, and learning potential through a range of educational and physical therapies.

We support families across the UK and beyond. Currently we are able to offer support in the following ways:

Assessments at our Centre in Bridgwater, Somerset to access Speech and Language, Physio and Sensory Integration therapies

A home assessment is available for children with complex needs and who cannot travel to the Centre in Bridgwater

A virtual multidisciplinary reassessment through Brainwave Online. You can watch a video demonstration and read a testimonial of a family who recently had an virtual reassessment on their website here.

A key success of Brainwave is our ability to recognise the impact a child with additional needs has on their family and empowering them to deliver therapy to their child at home, as we believe the family home is where children respond best, with the people whose love and care is unparalleled. To that end, we work with you to design Therapy Programmes that can be followed at home and which meets the needs of each individual child and the family as a whole. Our therapists teach parents/carers how to carry out each exercise, in what order, for how long and why.

If you want to donate please click the link here.  Every donation that we receive is much appreciated and helps us to help children with disabilities and additional needs, to support them and their families when they really need it.  Please have a look at our events and come along to support us if you can.

Brainwave are TheBestOf Taunton & Bridgwater's chosen charity for 2022.
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