Apex Fencing & Property Services
  • 51 Tyne park
    TA1 2RP
Apex Fencing and Property Services are a locally based company in Taunton, offering a variety of services from designing, installing and maintaining your fencing, your driveway or your lawn. They can offer waste management services, so that all your garden waste can be disposed of lawfully and considerately.

They have just recently qualified in the laying of resinous materials typically used in paths and patios, as well as internal flooring options or rubber crumb play equipment surfacing.  For a free no-obligation quote for your new resin surface and to find out the endless benefits of choosing resin surfaces, give Simon a call on 07983 168819.  He will be very happy to help.

Apex Fencing and Property Services also specialise in artificial grass surfaces to bring an end to your ongoing lawn maintenance issues.  The benefits are enormous, no mud no matter how much it rains!  Also no mowing, so if you go away on holiday for two weeks, it will look just as lovely when you get back, not like a wilderness. No constantly filling up your green waste bin, and battling with moss or daisies anymore. 

Decking is a breeze for Apex Fencing too, replacing your old garden design with a sleek new decking area for you to enjoy the summer.

Privacy fences and decorative fences are all in a day's work for Simon and his team, with so many options to choose from to screen your garden from onlookers and make it a safe space for you and your family to relax. Panels mixed with concrete baseboards, full-size panels or decorative trellising, any option to suit your budget and your needs.

Apex Fencing and Property Services can decorate and refurbish too. Interior painting and decorating plus exterior painting and decorating is all available and Simon's skilled approach coupled with free no-obligation quotes make it very easy to find out what your job will entail.

Also if you have let your garden get the better of you, or have been away for a long time, Apex Fencing and Property Services can bring your garden back to a more manageable level for you.  Giving you more space and time to enjoy being outside without feeling guilty, win-win!

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