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14th December 2012
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Most think winter tyres are only good for the occasions when the roads are covered in snow and ice but modern tyre development has meant that the latest products are a lot more versatile.

Between October & Easter, cold weather winter tyres show distinct safety advantages. On snow or ice-covered roads, cold weather tyres reduce the braking distance required as the rubber compound used in these tyres is of a higher proportion therefore minimising the hardening effect found at low temperatures. This allows the tyre to key into the road surface, resulting in higher grip levels which no summer tyre can match.

Maintenance is also very important during the winter months. Only well-maintained tyres perform fully and provide a comfortable ride. Tyres should be inspected regularly for cracks, cuts and bulges and every 4 weeks check the tyre pressure on a cold tyre to ensure optimum road contact.

If you don't have time to check your tyres then bring your car along to 1st Stop Cars in Rochford and we'll check them for you.

Just call 01702 544284 to book in for your winter tyre check and as a thank you we'll give your car a FREE HAND WASH.

Don't leave your safety on the roads to chance call 1st Stop Cars today.

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