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28th May 2008
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Hello, everyone. My name's Andy Rao and myself and my wife Emma run thebestof Shrewsbury. The blog is a very new part of the website so please bear with us! What we'll be doing is raising issues concerning Shrewsbury and hopefully over time, our registered users will be posting their replies and views. So whether it's good restaurants in town, parking nightmares, football nightmares, council initiatives... our aim is to grow this blog to be a mouthpiece for Shrewsbury. Air your views, get things off your chest, shout about what's brilliant about Shrewsbury - the works!

You have to be invited to become an Author, i.e. to start your own posts, or you can apply by clicking that 'Get Involved' button on the left. If you have something to contribute - maybe you're a die-hard Shrewsbury Town fan and want to give a week-by-week footie update? Or you could be one of the town's much loved traffic wardens and want to air your side of the story - then give us a shout!

So I'm now going to crack on with getting my head round the final techy bits of this blog. Wish me luck....


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