Suzi Rixon discusses mental health conditions and Bach Flower Therapy
17th August 2017
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Not a day goes by, seemingly, without mental health being discussed on the radio, television, newspapers and all sorts of social media. This is not a bad thing in itself – positive awareness combined with suggested solutions can only be productive.

However, all I hear is that we are in an invidious position with a huge increase of people of all ages requiring a range of “orthodox”  therapies – psycotherapy, Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, etc., which is not being met by qualified therapists. In fact, there is an alarming shortage of such specialists leading to an impossibly long waiting list on the National Health Service.

The orthodox, highly esteemed, Harley Street based bacteriologist and immunoligist, Dr. Edward Bach, espoused passionately way back in the late '20s and early '30s the concept that drove him to discover the 38 individual flower and tree remedies – i.e. mental and emotional imbalances, if left untreated, would lead to physiological illnesses.

Over the last few years, I have seen this at close quarters: stress, anxiety, depression. grief, vexation, in fact every manifestation of negative emotions leads, without a shadow of a doubt, to a range of serious physical illnesses, causing great misery to the sufferer and their family, not to mention a growing burden on the resources of the NHS.

Constant headaches, breathing difficulties, gastric reflux, heart palpitations, irritable bowel syndrome, to name but a few, are some of the growing ideopathic, physiological illnesses that abound, leading to a worrying increase in “over the counter” self medication which then results in worsening health problems.

O.K. - enough gloom and doom! I am definitely not saying that I can, single handedly, solve all these problems and save the NHS! What I am proposing, based on years of experience and gratifying results across the board, is that Bach Flower Therapy is a very positive and effective step forward to a resolution of a number of these conditions. My clients have found it soothing and immensely helpful to spend time talking to me, if they feel comfortable to do so, trying out whichever flower essences are indicated ( a few drops in  a glass of water, cup of coffee etc.,) throughout each day until the bespoke remedy is finished and then, if they feel inclined, a return visit to see which different remedies crop up. Also, this is not an age related form of therapy – it works beautifully with pre teenagers right through to much older people, even those with a long term, built in prejudice of “beautifully packaged hokum”!!

After all, what is there to lose? Come and see me, sit down in a light, airy room, chat if you feel like it, although it is not vital, and go home with a bottle of appropriate mixed flower essences that could make an impressive difference to the way you currently feel.

Please feel free to read my testimonials here – Suzi Rixon, Bach Flower Therapist and I look forward to hearing from you to make an appointment. 

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