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Suzi has managed to restore my faith in nature being the best cure through her vast knowledge and understanding of Bach Flower Remedies. To sit with Suzi and hear her passion gives you a glimpse of how beautiful a person she is and how driven she is to help you. Would recommend anyone to use Suzi's service and whilst you are at it, you can always pick up on your Italian and other languages too.
Suzi is a great listener and allows you space to open up. She hears without judgement and when she prepares the flower remedy she talks you through why the particular essences are picked. Her knowledge and understanding makes the session supportive and positive.
Suzi is a superb therapist and a delight to be with. She is hugely knowledgeable about her flower remedies and wholly professional in her work. I would recommend her without hesitation.
I thought that Mrs Rixon's Bach Flower Remedy therapy was excellent. She was very professional and understanding and her knowledge of this treatment and what it could achieve was great. I would recommend her to others.
Suzi is no less than an absolute star, a wonderful therapist who puts you at ease, listens and ministers comfort and healing with her wonderful remedies. Everyone needs a Suzi!
Suzi is a superb Bach's Flower Remedy therapist. She combines professional knowledge with empathy, resulting in an experience which is both relaxing and therapeutic. I would thoroughly recommend both her and her therapy.
I have to confess I am a sceptic as to the medical effects of flower essences but there can be no doubt whatever that Suzi Rixon's use of the essences as the focal point for her therapy is hugely effective. Whether to identify and remedy troublesome issues, to get the mind to where the body can properly heal or just to keep the good times feeling good.
Suzi is a complete enthusiast about her therapy and it is a wonderful way to come to terms with some of life's issues and be gently healed. She is a delightful, warm, generous person,
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