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25th June 2010
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So it's us against the Germans for the millionth time. I seem to be the only person concerned that beating Slovenia wasn't exactly a display of footballing genius. In fact, I've seen Ray Charles score more goals. But indeed I can't remember the last time England played Germany and it was a boring match. So we should light our BBQs across Shrewsbury or fill the pubs - England fans all hoping to give the Germans a darned good thrashing, six of the best, trousers down.

With summer comes the expected fitness craze and of course the World Cup gives that another boost. Watching Milner zipping up and down the wing or staring amazed as two tennis chaps play each other for a gazillion hours... it's rather impressive stuff. Which is probably why the Health & Fitness guys and gals on thebestof Shrewsbury seem to be rushed off their feet. From Martial Arts Clubs to Personal Trainers, people are seeking roads to the famed 6-pack.

I love keeping fit myself although I'm unlikely to get abs of steel when I have a fondness for Merlot and carbonara. Oh well, all work and no play, as they say.... I train with the Freefighters MMA guys in Oswestry but they've recently launched a Ladies Only cardio session on Tuesday evenings from 8pm to 9pm. It's become pretty popular already, so if you're a lady who pays a lot of attention to Heat magazine and want that Mischa Barton / Twiglet beach body, why not pop along?

Finally, a big hurrah to the latest Shrewsbury businesses who have joined our bestof Shrewsbury club - JDA Landscaping Contractors and Lowrie-Herz Associates. Both family business too, which is great as you know they'll give a genuinely honest, local service.

Here's to Sunday then. We'll all be praying for England. Unless you're German, of course.

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