Strictly Come Dancing
22nd September 2009
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Wow, how much of a furore has there been over Strictly Come Dancing? Pages have been devoted to it in the papers recently, usually accompanied by a picture of Ola Jordan, which is no bad thing I guess. It's mainly been about BBC's decision to schedule Strictly up against ITV's The X Factor and also of course the "replacement" of Arlene Phillips by Alesha Dixon.

Is this great news? Is it a welcome read to all the horribleness going on in the world? Or don't you give a hoot? Shrewsbury doesn't seem to be overly known for its dance schools, although we do have the top guys at Stage Two. Should we be getting into this lark? Learning a new hobby and keeping fit too? My mother-in-law's always going on about how Aled Jones lost 20 stone or something in one series.

I do think the age debate for Arlene vs Alesha is a wrong'un. Arlene's great, has the professional experience and let's face it, who'd have guessed she was in her mid 60s? Then they bring in Alesha who, with the best will in the world, can't match up in choreography. But she's young. It doesn't seem to matter that Brucie was born in 1860 and viewers are half expecting him to keel over at any minute. But I suppose life isn't fair. All we can do is wish Alesha the best and hope she's getting paid enough to take all the abuse.

But if you know of some hot dance schools in Shropshire, do let us know here. Maybe some day we'll see a local guy / gal up on the telly as one of the professionals. We seem to produce reality "stars" for every other show....

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