Shrewsbury therapist talks beating those winter blues
6th November 2013
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We are heading into the hugely stressful time of year that is winter – we have two options... give in and accept that we are doomed to endless weeks of depression thanks to dark mornings, miserable weather, the pressure of Christmas etc., or we could think of seeing a Bach Flower Therapist and finding a way of counteracting the onset of deep gloom engendered by all of the above. 

Let's look at the second option – we are individuals! The way we react and respond to all these triggers to depression is governed by our own unique mental and emotional response to these situations.

There are those who feel that the only option is to lie back and wallow in dank gloom – there is no glimmer of an alternative, the fire has gone out. If that rings your bell, then Gorse is strongly indicated: “Nothing more can be done”, “Must continue to bear pain and suffering”.

Perhaps we feel empty – despondent and depressed from a known cause, melancholic... archetypal symptoms of the requirement for Gentian.

Are you suffering from no reserve strength? Is everything an effort? Do you tire easily and feel that you have total fatigue of mind and body?  Then Olive is the answer.

If you would like to turn these emotions on their heads, come and see me and let me help you put the spring back in your step. Winter can't be cancelled, but our approach can be altered.

I would love to help you to help yourselves – ring me on 01939 210424 or click on the weblink below and discover how to actively enjoy the next few weeks!

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