Suzi Rixon - Bach Flower Therapist
  • Abbots House, Upper Battlefield, Shrewsbury, Shropshire
    SY4 4AA
Suzi Rixon is a Shrewsbury based complementary therapist specialising in Bach Flower Remedies - helping address emotional imbalances the natural way.

Have you been feeling stressed or anxious? Are you looking for alternative, natural therapy in Shrewsbury to help? If so, call Suzi Rixon, one of very few trained and qualified Bach Flower Therapists in Shropshire and Mid Wales.

Suzi, a highly rated and well-known foreign language tutor in Shrewsbury, has been using Bach Flower Remedies herself for over 30 years. As they had had such a positive impact on her life, she decided to train at the prestigious Ainsworth Centre in London to become professionally registered, qualified and insured  to help others.

Natural flower remedies developed by 20th century physician Dr Edward Bach MBBS MRCS LRCP DPH

Addressing emotional and mental imbalance

“Treating the person, not the disease.”

  • Anxiety
  • Stress
  • Grief
  • Trauma
  • Fear
  • Shock
  • Anger
  • Confidence
  • Concentration
  • Tiredness

Despite Dr Bach’s medical qualifications and experience, in 1930 he sold his Harley Street practice to focus purely on treatments provided by nature. Especially now, with the diminishing value of antibiotics, natural remedies are thought by many to be the way forward.

With similar passion for her work, Suzi has case study examples and testimonials to show how Bach Flower Remedies have helped. From youngsters facing exam stress to people dealing with major grief and trauma, Suzi has helped - even those who were initially sceptical.

In the first instance, Suzi arranges a 90-minute consultation, either at her tranquil home or she is happy to travel to you if you're in the Shrewsbury & Telford area. Some people take comfort just by having an understanding person to talk with. To chat, to have someone listen who is interested in you rather than purely your symptoms... that in itself may be the first step to recovery. But Suzi will also give you a single essence or combination for use as directed. A nice little pipette bottle that’s easy to carry around.

Suzi has been asked to talk about Bach Flower Remedies at a number of Shropshire events. She is particularly interested in speaking with groups of carers, a vocation or occupation that comes with its own stresses and strains.

For all enquiries or to make your initial appointment, call 01939 210424.

Please mention the best of shrewsbury when contacting Suzi Rixon – Bach Flower Therapist.

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