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20th August 2014
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Time and again, when I chat to people and explain what is involved in my Shrewsbury based Bach Flower Therapy business, I am generally met with very blank looks... and yet, when I ask if they have ever used Rescue Remedy, the majority acknowledge that they have used it for years.

I am delighted that so many are aware of the importance of carrying this “one size fits all” bottle of magic drops, and instinctively give them to anyone of any age who is suffering from stress, anxiety, nerves, tension, trauma and I continue to encourage everyone I meet to make sure that they have a bottle on them at all times.

What I would like to do today, is explain why this legendary remedy is so effective and, hopefully, shed a little light on the overall picture of Flower Essence Therapy.

Rescue or Ainsworths Recovery remedy (I personally use Ainsworths Bach Flower Essences because they are produced to the same exacting standards of Dr Bach) is composed of 5 of the 38 Flower Essences, carefully selected by Dr Bach back in the early 1930s for maximum effect.  

These individual essences are Cherry Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose and Star of Bethlehem.

Cherry Plum         

to engender calmness and quiet courage, for those who are suffering explosive mental or physical pressure, a balancing remedy.


for those who are dreamy, drowsy, “away with the fairies”, to engender concentration and a sense of being grounded.


to engender patience and contentment when feeling irritable, nervous or impatient. A relief for mental tension through frustration.

Rock Rose

the remedy for panic or terror following an accident or a near miss. This essence is wonderful for children's terror following nightmares. It engenders calmness and courage.

Star of Bethlehem

the remedy for shock in any form, this remedy neutralises shock and its effect whether immediate or delayed. Dr Edward Bach referred to Star of Bethlehem as “The comforter and soother of pains and sorrows”.


Every essence conceived and developed by Dr Bach has individual values and, when used in a tailor made combination following a consultation, provides the client with a unique & highly beneficial approach to dealing with whatever is affecting their quality of life.

I would be delighted to explain these essences in much greater detail to anyone who is interested. Please do get in touch on 01939 210424 and come round for a taster session.

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