Is your computer running slow? An IT and Computing specialist in Shrewsbury can help!
21st August 2013
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If you're about to throw your computer out of the window, hold fire. We have some computer repair guys in Shrewsbury who can save you the expense of having to buy a new laptop. Not to mention the cleaning bill the council will send you.

Protect your PC

As you computer holds valuable information, whether that's family photos or business stuff, you need an IT firm that knows their disk space from their dongle. Your computer might just need a clean-up and some TLC, but if it is beyong saving they can advise on what computer will suit your needs best.

Anti-virus software

There are a number of things that can slow down your computer. Is your anti-virus programme running OK? Do you have an anti-virus programme?!

Has some dogy website installed malware and you're not even aware it's there? There are some pretty sophisticated scams out around. One wrong click and -bam - your computer starts working like it's being operated by a snail that's just run the marathon.

Have you got loads of junk on your computer that's taking up valuable room? Where are your big files being saved?

The importance of backing up

And if your computer does have to go up to IT heaven, are your treasured files recoverable? Have you been running regular off-site backups? This is all stuff that our computer repairs firms in Shrewsbury can help with. Just give them a call.

By Andy Rao

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