Halloween is just around the corner for Shrewsbury party shop
6th August 2012
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We may not all be thinking about Halloween in Shrewsbury just yet - but with just 86 days until the day - that's just 2,136 hours to start getting ready for the most ghoulishly fun night of the year  - The Giant Party Shop - the nation's most loved fancy dress shop share their latest blog with us....

Last week, the crew at Giant Party were getting ready extra-early, dealing with some of the very latest Halloween products that have only just come in stock, so that we can help you get the first look at what will be hot and what will be deader than a mindless zombie this year.

Outfits galore

As always, the undead will be back and, like always, they will be bigger, better and more numerous. The 'National Horror Service', which is coming very soon and will be filled to the brim with more zombies than you can shake a rotting leg at.

Although, if you're into something that is more 'style-hungry' than it is 'flesh-hungry', you might want to check out the brand new range of Steampunk fancy dress. It is no longer just a niche for hobbyists and fanatics, as you can now get a whole host of male and female Steampunk fancy dress costumes along with a great range of accessories and props, all sure to prove popular this year.


Getting yourself the right costume is just the beginning though, because if you want to set yourself apart from the Halloween crowds, you're going to need a transformation courtesy of some striking make-up and gory wounds!

Brand new latex pieces like the Broken Bone Scar and the Vampire Puncture Wound are excellent additions to any outfit, plus with a choice of fake bloods, zombie make-up sets and skin make-ups like always, you can set about creating your own gruesome wounds.

Gory gallery

If you do, we'd love to see what you can come up with and you might even get featured in our customer gallery, just see below for details. If you are interested in zombie make up and the like, then be sure to head over to the 2.8 Hours Later site and get involved with what they have going on. If you've been to anything similar in the past, let us know what you thought of it and share your real-life Zombie apocalypse experience with everyone!

If you have any images or experiences you want to share with us, e-mail mynightoffun@giantparty.co.uk


For more information on the fantastic range of costumes available for Halloween or any other occasion, call The Giant Party Shop on 01743 344894 or visit their website.

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